Friday, May 9, 2014

A Few Snaps Between Showers

Rain has returned so most of my work has been in the greenhouse, but dashed out in between showers and took some shots of what is in bloom.

My beautiful Koi have been trained over the years that when I stand on the "feeding rock" they will soon get their next meal.

Laburnum watereri vossii or Goldenchain Tree
In its blooming glory although short lived, it is all a buzz with bees.

Looking at this one would almost expect a large "titan arum or corps lily" to appear but fortunately for all it is just my hardy banana coming back to life.

I love the intense yellow of this Exbury Azalea

Not real big on garden ornaments but I have a penchant for frogs

Wisteria 'Cook's Special'

These blooms are a good 16 inches long

One of my favorite perennials in the garden are the hardy Geraniums or Cranesbill's
this one is a nice compact sanguineum album

                         ......and this one is Geranium macroorrhizum, Bulgarian or Bigroot Geranium which is strongly scented, our little Sophie has learned to stay clear as it makes her sneeze when she bumps into it.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a great Mother's Day


  1. Lovely flowers especially that wisteria.

  2. You make my garden look very plain.

  3. Your Wisteria looks fabulous, you seem to be suffering the same weather conditions as we are in Wales.