Monday, May 19, 2014

Project Face Lift

There comes a time when you can no longer ignore the obvious.  The time had come for the old girl,  Menagerie Manor was in need of a face lift.  One side sagged more than the other, bits and pieces had begun to fall off and her south side had been....well.....had been looking a bit disgraceful. The south side gets not only the hottest part of the day but the worst of the wet weather as well. If you click on the photo you can just see the damage to the cedar siding.


All it needs is a coat of fresh paint
The wooden vent in the garage attic had fallen apart so they are replacing it with a rectangular all metal vent.  And the fascia board along the roof line had a bit of dry rot so they replaced that as well.

The new cement pier block is all dried  

As the crew jacked the pillar up and in place, the foreman dashed about taking measurements on both ends of the porch to make certain everything was going as intended.

Everything back in place.

I took the next two days off from work and guy with only one good eye.....the guy who normally never climbs higher than four feet off the ground.

Since it made a four day weekend I was not all work and no play, so I spent some time in the garden keeping everything tidy.  Here are a few more things in bloom.
I love this little rose scented geranium, I brought it indoors so that we could enjoy it while in bloom.
This hardy geranium is "Johnson's Blue"
Carolina Jasmine 'Gelsemium sempervirens'
What bird approaches? 
This is the closest I will come to having a peacock in the garden. When the breeze hits - he wobbles forward and back.
I love this chartreuse hosta and so far the slugs have left it alone.


  1. You have been so busy, glad you took some time out in the garden & lovely photos! One of my local garden centres has a peacock & peahen in the grounds & they wander round the outside plant area!

  2. Gosh, how different your building methods and materials are to here!

  3. I considered cedar shingles when my house needed an exterior upgrade about thirty years ago. My uncle pointed out the woodpecker problem to me. As I live in the woods, and have at least three varieties of woodpeckers at my feeders, I made the right choice going a different route.
    How nice some of our flowers are beginning to bloom.

  4. Frogview Cottage was shingle sided. I use to have one side painted a year and then rotate. It was some money, but it paid in return with charm. I found there is more trim than body to paint.
    Your place looks great.

    1. Jim, I do miss the stories of your life at Frogview Cottage and your stunning gardens. These homes have all the charm don't they?

  5. Yes doc....I love the shingle very sweet