Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Little Sunshine

Spring here in Oregon has been furiously slow, but things are starting to happen. We will get one day of sunshine and then six days of more rain and cool temps. but Winter is starting to let go and some of my garden favorites are starting to emerge. MeMa and I took all the dogs up to Mount Tabor for a brisk walk around the reservoir and I snapped this picture of the Cherry trees in bloom. They have the water level lowered for maintenance so it looks like a race track around the water. We do a couple of laps and then walk off into woods so the Corgi's and little Sophie get a little sniff time pretending they are great hunting dogs. We are dog sitting for the "Crazy Cat Lady" while she enjoys the sunshine in the Islands for ten days. So Miss Betty is "putting up with" her little brother Bentley, but grows weary of his company after a while. He is not polite in the least and gets quite unruly at times. MeMa tells her he is just being a boy.

Back to the house I went out to do some weeding and I planted the dahlia tubers from last year and dug and prepared the rest of the bed for this years tubers that have yet to arrive in the post. I noticed my very favorite plant "Gunnera manicata" is starting to pop out of its dormancy, hard to believe that this little bit of show.....

.......will eventually grow into this.


  1. Are those Yoshino cherry trees?

  2. Wow. That's a big change. Glad to hear spring finally found you, Doc. :)

  3. Grouchy, Yes indeed they are Yoshino, one of my very favorite. They are so delicate looking.

    Linda, We have gone 48 days of cool rainy weather, I believe that is a new record for this time of year.