Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dribbling Along With Spring

Mt. Fuji Cherry in full bloom, with the cold late spring the Candy Tuft at its base is blooming at the same time.


Yellow tulips in bloom with grape hyacinth

Tulip "Day Dream"

Wisteria sinensis "Cooke's Special" is usually blooming two weeks from now but not this year.

Tulip "Day Dream", this planting still sleeping

Monkey Puzzle Tree
Araucaria arckana

Sanguinaria. canadensis forma multiplex

Added the large cobalt blue pot (on left) to the pond border


  1. Love that cobalt blue pot! Your flowers, that are dribbling along with spring, look wonderful to me! The Monkey Puzzle Tree is very interesting, as is the Wisteria! Enjoyed my visit and your post!

  2. Lovely flowers and some beautiful trees.
    Happy Easter Doc, Family and the Menagerie
    from Cathy

  3. Theanne and Baron,
    Interesting is a good description of that Monkey Puzzle tree, its progress has been carefully watched by the entire neighborhood. Thanks for stopping.

  4. Cathy,
    Thank you for visiting today. Easter will be fun this year as we are having a neighborhood Easter egg hunt for all the children and with the spring flowers it should be fun regardless of the weather.

  5. What a gorgeous yard you have Doc. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Happy Easter to you all. ♥

  6. Beautiful plants and trees Doc!

    Hugz, Blondie

  7. Beautiful plants! Specially tulips! I loved.
    Greetings from Brazil.

  8. Beautiful! Glad to see spring has reached you,Happy Easter!

  9. I stumbled across your blog by way of some of my blogger friends followings. I noticed you are called much the same as myself and my husband by the grandchildren. We are called Meemaw and Poppy.I love gardening and have enjoyed reading a bit of your blog in passing.(Sue from Ky.)

  10. Don't know what is going on with the blog world, I am having trouble with posting photo's and comments are not printing so I will try this again for third time.......

    Thank you, it is our little bit of paradise.

    Glad you like them

    Thank you for stopping by my blog I hope to visit Brazil one day you have wonderful Orchids there.

    Yes, I was beginning to think it would never come.

    Welcome and thank you for stopping. My wife always said she would never be called grandma.

  11. Everything is blooming just beautifully !
    I hope you are not recieving any of the bad Spring weather that has roared through the Southern region these past few days.

  12. Jo,
    No nothing like you have had. Glad to see you are well, any property damage?

  13. Thanks for your visit today and telling me about your lizards...they're such interesting creatures!

  14. Theanne,
    I thought about getting some for the Grandchildren but the daughter-in-laws are not as brave as MeMa