Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Benefit of an Obedient Dog

In a busy home such as Menagerie Manor life revolves around a certain amount of precision and a lot of cooperation from its tenants, human and mostly animal.  Although  its name makes one think of a large country home it is far from that.  Just an over-sized American bungalow with a lot of very happy and healthy animals all getting along and often obediently waiting until time is appropriate. We have a very great love for dogs and have always had multiple canine family members.  Since my youth I have admired the great dog trainers of the world and feel a great ownership in the ability to properly train dogs or train the owner which ever way you look at it.  Living in a large city having a well trained dog is a must not only for the owners well being but for the dogs safety.  So imagine my frustration this morning when the front door was opened for my departure to the office, satchel over shoulder, lunch in one hand and coffee cup in the other and out dashes Bentley.  In my earlier post I said the "Crazy Cat Lady" was off to the Islands for some sun while we dog-sat Bentley her Corgi which is our Miss Betty's  bratty little brother.  They are both nine years old, Miss Betty being the gentlest of souls and her brother, thanks to an owner that should have just stuck to cats is the rudest dog in our midst.  He quickly ran from the porch to lord knows where and myself in hot pursuit in the pouring rain.
I thought I glimpsed his tailless rear end go under the porch (it's on the honey-do list) but could not be certain he didn't run down the block, so I stepped towards the street so that I could get a better view of the neighborhood as we have a very busy four lane road a block from our house.  MeMa, in nightclothes ran back inside re-emerging  with a dog biscuit and with some calling from the both of us he soon reappeared from under the porch, but by this time I was soaked and my coffee cold, I mumbled "stupid dog" under my breath and got into my car.  But on the drive to work I thought better of my statement and said "stupid owner".  So I put this out there to all dog owners, there is no need to have a dog behave like this as there are so many options and surprisingly some that are free through organizations especially in large cities as our own.  The amount of training is up to the owner needs and desires.  But all dogs should be able to come when called, to sit and to stay.  These are very basic and very helpful tools for dog owners everywhere.

Every year the Crazy Cat Lady (on the right) has a Corgi garden party, you will notice that all canine are being held onto by their owners because none are trained in the slightest  except for Miss Betty accompanied by the lovely MeMa (in red).


  1. I start sheep herding calls when the pups start eating on their own. That'll Do!

  2. You are quite right and I plead guilty to not training my dachshund Baron! He's the only K-9 I've ever had that I didn't a least try to get to do your list of things a K-9 should be able to do. Enjoyed your post and realize the necessity of at least trying with Baron even at his age!

  3. We are mostly not dog people. We have a cat now, that would (and has done) exactly what Bentley did though.

    Shelties are a little better behaved, I think.

    Sorry you didn't get your morning coffee, Doc. Hope the weekend goes better. :)

  4. Hi Doc Lovely Picture with the corgis it's a lovely dog. Our dog Sean is a very clever dog(he is self taught;) he comes stays sits he also waits untill the cat has eaten before he eats and the best he never begs for food.We love our dog.

  5. Well said! I found as my kiddo got older my dogs became less attention was more focused on training the kiddo,lol!