Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Come and Gone in a Big Whoosh

This post is late, I have had nothing but problems with posting  of late.
What is going on Blogger?

Ah......back to work to relax! Hope you all had a marvelous Easter,  it is a great time to be with family and friends.  MeMa did all the planning and the meal which included a spiral ham.  There was a neighborhood Easter egg hunt planned but we opted out of that because of the rain and the fact that the Little Terrorists #1 and #2 had both just recovered from bad colds.  So MeMa hid candy filled eggs in the house for the two grand kids.

Taeya and Brooklyn off to a great start

Brooklyn Danhart Chambers
Egg gathering all done

My beautiful mother enjoying the festivities

MeMa enjoying her Mimosa and my father on his phone with my twin brother in Arizona
Fresh from the greenhouse
Orchid #4
Epidendron 'Joseph Lii'


  1. What a wonderful Easter, Doc. :)

    As to Blogger, they are slowly rolling out some new changes. I imagine it likely these changes are messing things up.

    Hope you're having a wonderful Friday. :)

  2. Thanks Linda, I will be patient.