Friday, August 13, 2010

What's In Bloom

Martha Washington, you can count on her bloom all summer long

Hibiscus Syriacus or Rose of Sharon
This prominent old plant is in the front garden.
I can't keep enough rooted cuttings in the greenhouse and have already given
away all of them for this year.

"Casa Blanca" Lilies are just starting to open

"Sarabande" an impressive tetraploid at over six feet
'Clerodendron trichotomum'   Harlequin Glorybower or as the "Little Terrorists" call it, the Peanut Butter Tree
The flowers have a very heady perfume but when a branch is cut or a leaf is crumpled it smells just like peanut butter.
Dahlia 'Color Spectacle'

All these Dahlias came from Swan Island Dahlia Farm. We had three times this amount last year but the winter was not in their favor and followed by an unusually cool wet spring and early summer, they didn't have a chance.

'Hugs 'N' Kisses


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