Monday, August 9, 2010

Back at the office to rest

As I have posted in the passed we have been attempting to close my father-in-laws estate. During this whole process it has caused Mema and myself to take stock of all the possessions that we have accumulated over the years. Menagerie Manor started out as a large American Bungalow but has doubled its size with the extensive additions we have made over the years. All those rooms are full of "things", not really junk but many nice "things", many being heirlooms passed to Mema and myself from other family members. Our son's and their wives have little interest in "old things". This passed weekend was our immediate neighborhoods annual garage sale and in September the entire South Mt. Tabor Neighborhood will be having its annual with maps of participating homes and all. My youngest son made very professional signs for ours at his sign company, thank you Ian. This sale was mostly the remainder of household items from Memas family home, so the September sale will mostly be comprised of our "things". After the sale yesterday I filled my old Volvo full and made two trips to Goodwill. Next week another charity will come and pick up the bulk which is currently stored in one of the four bays of the garage. It will be soooo nice to have the garage back to just cars. It was an exhausting weekend with all the preparation but it was profitable as well and so nice to start getting rid of life's accumulation. I can still hear my daughter-in-law scolding "price it low and watch it go", as she ripped off a tag and put one of her own on.


  1. I always feel good after taking a load to the Goodwill! My husband's family tend to be hoarders and let me tell you ,after a visit with them it makes me want to come home and start getting rid of stuff,lol!

  2. I would never let it get that bad, LOL. This old house has so much storage, it has three attics and every bedroom has walk in closets. When we had the third floor remodeled we added a bank of six floor to ceiling closets in the long entry hall. So everything has its place out of view. The problem being is we know its there:o)

  3. Your kids are going to be sorry they weren't interested in your 'old things' when they are old enough to appreciate what they didn't care enough about when they should have.

    Hope that makes sense, but I am speaking from the voice of suddenly realized experience.

    *shakes head at daughter-in-law's well meaning actions*
    Have a good week, Doc and family!

    P.S. Love the photo of you and Mema. :) My hubby doesn't like having his pic taken. :P

  4. Linda,
    That was taken on our 35th Anniversary, our son said "look natural", bet he won't say that again.

  5. Haha. That is so great! Good one to pull on the boy. :)

    We just celebrated our 36th, ourselves. No one took pics though. ;)