Monday, August 2, 2010

Has anyone any information about this picture?

Our 95 year old neighbor recently moved herself into a Retirement Center and gave us a few items from her long time home across the street from Menagerie Manor, she said that it was purchased at the 1920's World Fair but other then that knew nothing about it. just wondering if any of you folks have seen this before, or could share it with someone who might? 

We love it and hung it out in the garden room along with this small collection of water colors that Mema's Great Grandmother Ida painted at age 98.


  1. Clueless. Very pretty. Wait for Antiques Road Show to be in your area, or perhaps take it by an art gallery?

    Ida's paintings are gorgeous!

  2. I don't know either but love it! I love just about all things with birds especially old things!

  3. Thanks Linda and Melodie,
    Yes it is a nice picture and very old. My neighbor originally received it in 1936 when a friend of hers passed away and then she stuck it in her basement and there it remained until she gave it to us. Its about three and a half feet long.

  4. If you ever find out, please let us know. Just out of curiosity. :)