Friday, August 27, 2010

Third Annual Corgi Walk

Doc, Mema and Her Majesty Miss Betty

Sorry I have not posted this before but it took me a while to retrieve the pictures from Memas camera, I much prefer my ancient one over her new fancy one. Anyway, last Saturday was the third Annual Corgi Walk which is a fund raiser for both Corgi Rescue and Dove Lewis Veterinary Hospital which is our Local Emergency Animal Hospital open all hours and staffed by the most wonderful group of veterinarians.

There were Corgi's and their humans of every sort ......    

Miss Betty shows us how she deals with this unruly lot

Couple of pups   

Brindle Cardigan Corgi   

Cardigan Fluffy
Always one trouble maker in every crowd

The Pembroke crowd were pretty well behaved
Let the walk begin!!

"Outside Facilities" were provided
Excitement built as the end was in sight

The route was quite simple but the Fluffy crowd managed some confusion
The end of the walk was very refreshing

Who says Corgis aren't water dogs
After a good splash the tired little Corgis head home

Some rode in style
Some too tired to move

others chose to mingle a little longer


  1. Aaaaaaaah, lucky you !!!!!!!
    Nana, Uyanga, and I would love participate.....

  2. Oh, Doc! I use to breed and show pems. I still have three. Nothing like the smile of a corgi. And, nothing like a six week old corgi pup! Fabulous post.

  3. Bonjour Flo de Sendai,

    Thank you for visiting my Blog, it would have been good to have you and your Corgi's in the walk.

    Yes I remember you told me that you once were very involved in Pem's. There is nothing sweeter then a Corgi smile. I could have easily taken those pups home with me they were just too cute.

  4. My goodness, I've never seen so many Corgi's in one place, I bet it was a fun walk with all those dogs around!!

  5. Rob,
    Yes it was quite fun. Our Betty is a retired Therapy dog so she is very quiet and reserved and hardly utters a peep. So it was different to hear Corgi's that bark and show their excitement. Betty, because her training would just turn her back and ignore them. As if to say, "really, we will have none of that".