Thursday, August 27, 2015

Patient Gardener

When it comes to container gardening the patient side of me usually doesn't show, I want instant gratification so I cram the largest plants and lots of them to give me a look that I had envisioned.
This large stoneware pot that I gleaned from work when they did some office redesign work brought the patient gardener out in me. I was walking through the garden and stopped in front of this corner of the garden that was empty and immediately thought of this big container that was sitting in the driveway. After it was manhandled to the back garden, filled with potting soil, I plopped the bronze statue (selfie) that our son Ian did of himself depicting one of those educational periods of his life. Then it was off to the nursery for a canna, a six pack of burgundy delight coleus and two potato vines, one green the other purple. All very small and very unlike this gardener but I sat back and envisioned the future.




  1. Your visions work out very well, Doc. Congratulations! :-)

  2. And now the bronze has disappeared.