Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wonderful Oregon Rain....No really I Mean it

Several of my "blogger buddies" have mentioned in their posts that they too are having rain soaked days.  But the difference with them is they seem to be making the best of it and write about how lush their gardens are, whilst I spend most of my time bad mouthing Mother Natures attempt to keep Oregon green.  So this morning I woke and told myself keep a positive attitude old boy and leave the weather reporting to the weather person.  Well that won't be so hard as today we are getting some sunshine.
We have had a very busy life this past week, it was the Holiday (Memorial Day) that sped things up a bit as we were up early Saturday morning picking flowers and then trundled them off to the coast to decorate MeMa's family graves.  On our way back to Portland we made a side trip to help our eldest son Nathan move some furniture and then a quick trip to my grandparent's grave to place some of the Potter Geraniums there which has been a tradition since my grandfathers death.
Sunday the "Little Terrorists" Taeya and Lucy spent the night, so we had a rousing night of high noise level with lots of giggles and acting silly, staying up a little late (naughty grandparents).  Sleeping in and having waffles with lots of syrup, did I say lots?  More giggles fueled by syrup.  MeMa made a great potato salad and I Bar-B-Qued hamburgers which seems the traditional supper for Memorial day.
I took Tuesday off..... because I can, and did a bunch of errands and a little yard work.  So here gang is where I say nice things about the rain.  Yes....... the rain has been just lovely this time of year....after all without it the beautiful little cowslip that I nearly spent time in jail for bringing contraband through Canadian customs last year would never have made it.

They really are quite beautiful
 When the customs lady asked if we had any fruit or veggies I said "no" as MeMa held up a bag of lichi nuts.  We were sent to the bad kids line and agents swarmed over our car removing all contents including the bag of lichi nuts but never found the plastic bag of cowslip under the drivers seat.  It really is MeMa's fault for not watching me more closely, I am not responsible.....plant thievery is an illness.  I know this post is rambling but do keep up, I haven't praised the rain enough.
with all the lovely rain the aphids have been kept at bay on the lupine bed.

and the Acanthus never lost last years leaves, so are doubled in size and flowering early.

with the continued rain the giant Gunera will soon dwarf the aviary.

and with all that lovely rain I was able to spend time planting six trays of giant Zinnias.

I have never seen so many flowers on my Carolina Jasmine.

Rhododendron Yakusimanum is thriving in the wet.

Out on the front porch my six foot Bird of Paradise is a reminder that although it is not a warm tropical rain one has to make do with what one recieves.  I LOVE THE RAIN!!


  1. We've got lots of aphids on our new grape plants, and scale, I think, on some of the tomato plants. I need to research.

    Your photos are all wonderful, Doc. Hope you have a great week. ♥

    1. Linda, The scale you will have to spray for but the aphids I usually just give them a good jet of water and knock them off.

  2. That Acanthus really is magnificent. When I've grown them they've had two leaves and a feeble flower (and that was on a good year).

    1. Cro, It took a couple of years before they strengthened but now they are a main focal point in this portion of the gardens.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed that ramble round your garden and the tour of some of your lovely flowers. Lupins always make me think of an English country garden...alas, mine usually get eaten before they get going.

    1. Elain, They really are lovely and probably my favorite flowers. Those and delphiniums, oh and dahlias, and of course roses.....well then there are my orchids ;O)