Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mickey or Love Spud

On June 2nd Sunday early afternoon we celebrated "Little Terrorist #2" Brooklyn's birthday, he turned five on June 1st. It was a lovely party with lots of great food and Brooklyn received lots of wonderful gifts.
On our way home MeMa decided we should stop at the market and purchase a couple steaks and potatoes for baking as it was early in the day still and we would most definitely be hungry later. When we arrived in the produce I reached in the bin for a couple of good sized Russets and this is what I pulled out.

I handed it to MeMa and told her "I got you a love potato." But knowing my wife who is the biggest Mickey Mouse fan alive, I am quite sure she was thinking it would look lovely in the "Mickey Room" along with all her other Mickey memorabilia. Alas regardless of being either a love potato or Mickey incarnate it looked and tasted great with that steak.


  1. It looked like a heart until you baked it. Now it looks like Mickey. Well, looked like Mickey.

  2. Heh. Great post, Doc.
    Belated Happy Birthday Brooklyn. :-)