Friday, June 7, 2013

Another Visit to The Red Pig

Menagerie Manor sits on a fairly large lot as properties go in the city and every inch of garden is used.  So to keep up on the high maintenance and my insatiable love for the coolest of cool garden implements I have amassed quite a collection of the latest and greatest.  And the folks that hook me up when I get a little needy are Bob and Rita Denman of Red Pig Garden Tools.

I recently e-mailed Bob about building me a custom designed dibbler.  I needed a multi dibble dibbler to plant garlic, onions, corn and flower bulbs.  So last week when Mr. Denman called to say my multi dibble dibbler was done I....dashed.

I and future gardeners in the Chambers family will be dibbling in style for many years as these great tools are hand forged by Bob who has his own Black Smithy in one of the two, hundred year old barns at Red Pig.  He builds each tool with the expert care and ability that he used on my Dibbler as well as the many other tools I have in the garden shed.  If you are interested they have a wonderful Web site.
Over the 38 years here at Menagerie Manor I have owned very few gas or electric tools and either give them away or they just don't hold up.  Their demise or disappearance doesn't bother me much as I have almost every tool for the job at hand.  It just takes a little longer to get some of the jobs done but the end result always comes out well when one takes care and pride in what they do.  Also the "Crazy Cat Lady" (CCL) next door, starts hissing when anyone in the neighborhood fires up a leaf blower or gas mower.


  1. That is one spectacular piece of equipment for a lot of planting. Good job.
    I once bought a hand made dibble, beautiful, walnut, and asked the maker to incise a groove across the tip. I fastened my yarn end in the grove and used the dibble to hand wind a center pull ball.

  2. That's really neat, Doc. I had not heard of a dibbler before. Looks like it should be in the family for many generations.
    Have a wonderful weekend. ♥

  3. I love your 'Dibbler' (we call them dibbers). I'm trying to think what redpigtools could make for me, to make my life easier. I'm working on it!