Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary Love...... Oh And About that Cast

Yes today is our thirty seventh anniversary as husband and wife. Tonight we are dinning out at an old friends Italion Restaurant, Enzo's Cafe Italiano on N. Alberta Street. I met Enzo when he first came to the US from Northern Italy and we became good friends with he and his wife. We became parents for the first time when our son's were born on the same day and parents again when his daughter and our second son were born a couple of days apart. And now today we are grandparents, no the grand kids were not born on the same day. So tonight the Lovely MeMa and I will get all gussied up and dine Italiano. I in my slacks and a nice shirt and MeMa will look gorgeous in a nice evening dress and big cast on her left arm. Last Sunday MeMa was in the back garden showing "Little Terrorist" Brooklyn how to run after a soccer ball and slipped in a wet patch of grass and fell hard breaking her wrist pretty bad. I was in the garage some twenty feet away and could hear the snap. Brooklyn thought it was all part of the game as she never uttered a peep just quietly got to her feet and said we better get to the hospital. We spent the next eight hours in emergency. Sunday is one of the worst nights to spend in emergency as it is packed with people Fortunately they did put a temporary splint on when we arrived which immobilized the arm but gave her nothing for the pain. I know my wife has a high pain threshold but I could tell the pain was very bad, and it had to have been horrible when they set the bone because although she would never cry out her feet quickly coiled then shot out with lightning speed that would have seriously maimed anyone standing at the foot of the bed. This Thursday they put on the hard cast which will be somewhat smaller and more lady like. I told her she should get it in bright pink so to be the envy of "Little Terrorist" Taeya, but MeMa thinks she wants it in green to match her VW Beetle. But tonight she will dine out with the large temporary cast which covers shoulder to finger tips.


  1. Oh no MeMa! How terrible! I hope she mends quickly! Congrads on the big anniversary!

  2. So sorry to hear about the accident. I hope MeMa heals quickly!
    Congratulations on 37 years!

    You are 6 days ahead of us. :)

  3. I'm also sorry to hear about the accident!! We're sending healing energy and good vibes for MeMa and a big CONGRATULATIONS on your anniversary!!! I wish you many many more happy years together!!!!

  4. Happy belated anniversary! I hope you guys had a great time!