Thursday, July 7, 2011

Quick Report

Thought I had better do a little something on my blog before I forget how.  It is not that I have nothing to report about family and gardening, its just that all my time is devoted of late to just keeping things maintained so that I can devote most of my time to helping MeMa in her recuperation.  We went to the hospital yesterday and they removed the large cast but there was not a significant change so they put another large cast back on (bright pink) which is most uncomfortable because they had to tweak the position in order to get a proper mend on the bone.  MeMa is a normally overactive lady with much to do at all times so being forced to let others do for her is probably the most painful of all.  So here are some shots of an early morning stroll before the house comes alive.
I was up early, coffee in hand and fortunately camera as well. I just love this little rose, it is a rambler "Apple Blossom" from 1932

At the footbridge my favorite Acanthus mollis or Bears Britches is lush and green overhanging the path and back wall of the Koi pond

And at the other end of the pond sitting gloriously to the left of the Budgie aviary is the giant leafed Gunnera which we thought we lost this last winter.

My clump of light blue Delphiniums are just coming into their own along side the unusual looking yellow Phlomis russeliana, one of MeMas favorite for dried flower arranging. 

Peace and tranquility of my early morning stroll was interrupted when MeMas "Ladies" heard me clicking my camera and started calling to me for a treat of cracked corn, so in order not to wake the rest of the neighborhood I quickly ran and grabbed the tin......
Noisy lot!
They even managed to startle the family of song sparrows nesting in among the large Clematis jackamanii growing on the chicken yard fabric
A quick water in the greenhouse and back inside to fix a nice breakfast for the recuperating MeMa.  I hope all is well with everyone, sorry I have not been able to follow as much these days.


  1. Sorry to hear that MeMa had to get another cast. Hope her arm heals quickly so she can be back to doing all the things she loves!

  2. Linda,
    Thanks for the wishes, I am sure things will begin to improve; we had a nice surprise this morning. MeMas good friend who runs a house cleaning business stopped by with help to run through the house and tidy things up. And then sat and visited for a while. I called from the office and "Little Terrorist #1" Taeya was there entertaining MeMa.

  3. That is good news. Good friends and grandchildren. :)

  4. Hoping Mema has a speedy recovery! YOur plants look great.I love heritage roses and that Apple Blossom is so pretty !

  5. Hi Doc, what is the silver coloured plant in the middle of picture number 5, we have something that looks similar called a weeping pear. Your garden certainly looks packed with plants and very interesting.

  6. Melodie,
    Thanks and yes these roses are very fast growers and easy to start.

    That little tree is Hakuro Nishiki, Japanese Dappled Willow, looks silver in the photo but is actually variegated with green, white and pink. MeMa uses it to add to cut flower arrangements.

  7. Thanks for the beautiful garden tour! I hope MeMa is up and at um soon. No fun with the cast and all!