Monday, May 2, 2011

A Good Weekend

When we have beautiful weather as we did this last weekend thoughts of moving to Hawaii subside.  Friday we had the "Little Terrorists" spend the night,  first taking them both to McDonald's for an unhealthy dinner and letting them both exhaust themselves playing on the slide and climbing structure until they said they were tired and wanted to go.  I don't know who was more tired, them or my parents who met us there. But it was time to go, and it was off to Menagerie Manor were we let them stay up probably far to late watching a Disney movie.  MeMa and Poppi are such terrible grandparents ;o)  They both slept in, see there was a plan there after all. At around 09:30 we loaded a wagon in the back of Vivian and set out to see the Fifth Annual 82nd Avenue of The Roses Parade, which is a small community Parade sponsored by the Rose Society and the Chinese community.
Chinese Dragon

Rose Society Members March

My heart goes pitter patter when the pipers play.

Local School bands only.

I might take up golf if I could have a cart like this.

The Little Terrorists opted for the healthier snacks packed by MeMa even though they made quite the haul scampering after the candy tossed by the parade participants.

After the parade we made a short stop home before dropping the Little Terrorists off at their homes,  all sugared up for their parents to deal with.....ha ha ha!
Sunday with a promise of glorious weather MeMa and Poppi had no plans other than home time.  Coffee in hand we began our day.........

MeMa and Max shared the morning paper.
On sunny days I don't last long indoors, so it was off to the greenhouse were I transplanted sixty two Bell Peppers into four inch pots.

I sat out thirty five Roma tomato's in order to begin hardening them off for planting.
After some tidying up in the greenhouse I planted my red and Spanish onions,  I mowed, aerated and fertilised the lawn.  Then swept out the chicken house and planted half of my dahlias before running out of the iron posts that I use to mark the tubers so I will stop and purchase more of those before finishing the planting.
All in all it was a very good weekend,  hope you all had the same.


  1. Fun with the grandkids and gardening...sounds perfect to me!

  2. The joys of being a grandparent! The sugar drop off! Looks like they had a good time at your house!

  3. Yes, Doc,It all comes back to me now. I commented on your nicknames. We are Meemaw and Poppy,too. And I went to your home page again and found the title. Sorry,I guess all the rain is getting to me.

  4. What a nice parade and what wonderful looking plants, Doc.
    Glad you had a great time with the little terrorists. :-)

  5. I would take up golf as well what a lovely weekend with the little terrors

  6. Hi Doc! I'm a fellow Oregonian also. Just happened to find your blog. 35 Roma plants?? Wowzas!!

  7. Holly,
    Welcome...Yep 35 and I will only use three, but I live in a neighborhood of avid gardeners so between them and folks at my office I never have problems getting rid of them.

  8. Wow, I'm exhausted just reading about it!