Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fresh From The Greenhouse

Oh yes.... the rain has returned and this old gardener has no interest in being cold and wet. So here is whats blooming in the greenhouse ha! Yesterday while the nice weather was still with us I did manage to get all the bubble insulation removed from the greenhouse and stored in the garage attic for next winter. Time to get the shade cloth on, I hope.

Orchid #46
Odontocidium 'Wildcat" a very richly colored flower

Orchid #52
This is one of the many Phalaenopsis that came to me by way of someones neglect, just proves the point that with a little love and tenderness anything can thrive.


  1. When I saw the bubblewrap I was going to ask if you removed it for the summer. Are all your Orchids growing in pots? I once saw some growing on netting and I tried to grow one on a log but it didn't work out.

  2. Linda,
    Thanks, glad you enjoyed them.

    I was a bit lazy getting the bubble-wrap off but its done now. I grow most of my orchids in pots but a few are on wood and one is in a coconut which hangs from the ceiling. Pots are a lot easier.

  3. I have two orchids now...I may have to get some growing tips from you, as I've never taken care of an orchid in my life. How often do you water? Fertilize (and what kind)? I have mine in my apartment, will this work? Both photos are lovely but the first one really caught my attention! It's only recently I realized how many different orchids there are.

  4. Theanne,
    Orchids will grow in apartment. Look for fertilizer that is specifically for orchids, "shultz" makes one. Depending on the species of orchid will tell you what kind of light requirement. Phaleanopsis take the same care as African violets so east window would be best. Others require more light so south or west window for them. When I water I sit them in the sink and let the water drain off, once a week. Most of mine are in the greenhouse so watering is not such an ordeal.

  5. Beautiful orchids Doc! I oogled the ones at the farmer's markets on Kauai.