Monday, May 16, 2011

A flower blooms for Grouchy

 As I promised Grouchy of "Seriously Grouchy,...Seriously" here is the first 2011 bloom from the starts he sent me of 'Francis Dubreuil' and actually since this plant (one of two) is the one I keep in the greenhouse it is also the first rose to bloom at the Manor this year......Enjoy Grouchy!
Bud Shot
I planted the second one in the rose garden and then below in full bloom a few hours later and the greenhouse filled with its perfume.

With warmer nights I was able to bring my Sago Palm out of the greenhouse

Every year our neighborhood has a "Giant Pumpkin Parade" and hopefully this plant will yield my entry

'Billbergia nutans" Queen's Tears
MeMa fell in love with the pretty pastel early spring flowers at a garden show that we attended, it is not winter hardy so I keep it in the greenhouse during the bad weather.

'Viburnam tomentosum'

Well I had so many more picture to share but I am having nothing but problems with Blogger this morning that I am just going to pack it up for the day, hope these make it through. Come on Blogger get it together!


  1. Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog and my Kauai adventures! I hope you make it to Kauai soon! I love your garden variety. I'm glad the weather is warming up a little so you can bring some of them outside for some sunshine!

  2. Holly,
    We do plan on returning very soon to Kauai, I have enjoyed your adventure and the good memories it brought back to me.

  3. lookimg very pretty and some unusual flowers

  4. Cathy,
    Thanks, that's the beauty of having a greenhouse, it allows one to dabble in the unusual.

  5. Lovely flower photos! I had probs with a little video uploading...thought it was me...maybe not!

  6. Awesome flowers, you have quite a variety there !
    Lots of TLC to take care of them, I admire your hard work !

  7. Theanne,
    It has been very frustrating, sorry to hear you have had a bit of go with them as well.

    I would like to think it is what keeps me young and on the go ;o)

  8. I was having trouble with Blogger last week, all my blogs disappear for a while which was a bit worrying. I have a couple of roses in the unheated conservatory, they aren't as nice as yours though as they lack any scent.

  9. OMG DOC!!!!!!!!!! It looks stunning for you. I hope the fragrance is to match.


  10. Rob,
    Sometimes the hot house varieties don't have any fragrance.

  11. Jim,
    Is that a great looking rose or what? Yes the fragrance is a match, it just about knocked me over when I went into the greenhouse. I hope all is well with your mum. I received conformation as to entering it in the Spring Rose Show as none other than Francis Dubreuil. I sure hope there is some blooms left for that date.