Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rain Continues

Our local Weatherman discribed this latest front as a "River of Rain", and that is just what it is. Non stop rain that is finaly doing a good job of keeping this hardend old gardener indoors by the fire reading his books. I am a rare book collector and my wife is a Librarian in the local High School and has a book fettish as well. So there is never a shortage of something to read at the Manor. I love Orchids and have about sixty + different orchids in my greenhouse and another twenty in my office at work. I usually read about three books at the same time, and one of them is always about orchid collecting. My latest was "Orchid Fever" by Eric Hansen, and in it he mentions several orchid hunters of the old days and several books written by those adventurers. One such book that I was able to purchase is "Wonderings In South America" By Charles Waterton, 1891. Mema just rolls her eyes when I'm quietly sitting and reading and suddenly dash upstairs to the library because she knows I'm once again in pursuit of another book.

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