Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary Love

Thirty eight years ago I was a kid applying for employment at a large Veterinary Hospital that specialised in bone surgery. I was just fresh here in the States after growing up in England and Europe, and was excited to have been hired almost straight away. One of the younger Doctors was taking me around and introducing me to all the staff. While we were standing in the minor surgery room the door to the next surgery was suddenly kicked open and a beautiful young nurse about my age came bursting through carying an unconscious and exceedingly fat Schnauzer. The good Doctor introduced the burdened beauty and as she gave forth the most amazing smile the dogs bladder emptied down the front of her light blue surgical smock. I stammered out "cccan I hhhhhelp" to which she answered "nope, you will get plenty of your own". And off she disappeared through another set of doors. I knew at that time this lovely women would some day be my wife. We are celebrating our thirty sixth Anniversary today. Life has been very good to us and we have our health and wonderful children and grandchildren. So love, the first thirty six were great, lets go another round?

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