Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lets leave rockets for NASA

Of all the seasons and Holidays that we decorate for I have always enjoyed the fourth of July. Unfortunately along with all the banners and flags one must put up with .....yuk....fireworks! I despise them or should I say I despise the stupidity of the people who set them off. In our state the large rockets are illegal but Oregon resident just cross state lines into Washington State and purchase them. There arent enough Police to monitor those who choose to ignore the law and fire them off. At around eight in the evening Mema and I retire to the theater room which is in the bowels of the Manor and with us are our dogs, our younger sons two Chihuahua's and our eldest son's Boston Bull. We make an endless supply of popcorn and watch movie after movie with the volume turned up so loud that one would assume very deaf people lived here. Early in the afternoon we make sure all guests have had sufficient "walkies" and eliminated as much as possible as when the evening comes there will not be any intermissions, if you know what I mean. I found a lovely little spray bottle of "calming" elixir at our local Pet supply store. It is all natural and simply helps calm them without creating a room full of snoring canine. Every hour or so I alone venture out to the garden to pick up debris from the illegal rockets. I turn on the floodlights grab a dip net and scoop more debris from the fish pond. We have water pressure here at Menagerie Manor that the fire department would be envious of so I set hoses around various parts of the garden in case stupidity results in a structure or tree fire. During all the revelry the air is so thick with sulfur and smoke I should be sporting a face mask. After all is over we spend the first few early  hours of the next day filling one of my fifty gallon yard barrels with debris left strewn about the street. Regardless of the thoughtlessness of others my patriotism to the freedom this beautiful country affords us all drives me to show my love by dressing the old girl up in all the flags and banners.So its six days and counting.

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