Tuesday, June 1, 2010

From The Garden History Book

The Three Amigo's
In June of 2001 Mema and I were on Holiday with some good friends at their summer beach house in the lovely little coastal town of Neskowin. One afternoon we decided to walk into town as the house was just on the outskirts. As we approached a footbridge that crossed into the town square our friend Pam, whose father had built the house, told us that her father used to bring her here to this very spot by a large Pussy Willow (Salix discolor) next to the footbridge to fish. It brought tears of joy rememboring those wonderful times of her childhood. Her father is long gone but the footbridge and the tree still stand. As the others set off across the bridge I held back long enough to snip off three cuttings. On our return to Menagerie Manor I rooted the three cuttings and had every intention of giving them to Pam and her husband George to plant in their little garden but when offered they declined saying the reason they have little in their garden was because neither of them could grow anything. Pam asked if I could plant them in our garden but knowing that they could become quite invasive I decided to make them into a Bonsai Tree. We refer to it as The Three Amigo's in reference of the three couples that vacationed together in that sunny little town called Neskowin.

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