Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One down eight to go!

I love the color, a must buy from Thailand
Gardeners with greenhouses should never have to pay these prices......but I couldn't resist.

A real beauty, Petunia "Pretty Much Picasso"

We have eight....oops.....nine large ceramic pots placed around the garden's. One of the intended goals of the greenhouse is to produce all the annuals that we spend a small fortune on every year, but the same thing happened this year as in the previous years. It was a gorgeous sunny morning last Saturday so I took coffee in hand, slipped into my garden clogs and before I could help it I was standing in the purchase line at the Nursery behind Menagerie Manor. It was "plant lust" an illness that has plagued my soul every year around this time. I know....Mema didn't believe it either.
The outcome is worth the expense, as the annuals put on a great display every year. The trick to my good annual pots is in the soil. To my regular potting soil I typically add to a forty to fifty gallon pot, four cups of cotton seed meal, one cup of fish bone meal and one cup of blood meal. I mix this in well and then plant my annuals. The rest of the year I just water and there is no need for extra fertilizer with these additives. Makes for easy care through the summer.

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