Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just in Bloom

Oriental Poppy "Patty's Plum"
My favorite Rhododendron, Boule De Neige


  1. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog!! I came here to check yours out and now you have a new follower. I LOVE flowers!! Yours are beautiful. What is that maggot stuff for?
    You are right about the animals. Ours all died off of old age, and now we have a new crop of dogs and now cats!!

  2. You are very welcome. The "maggot stuff" is a little concoction I choose to use instead of chemical poisons that are destroying nature as we know it. And as far as the new kittens, a little trick we found useful is a soda can with a handful of small pebbles inserted then the top sealed shut at the ready. When a bully dog makes for a lunge just simply toss the can behind the bully and it will divert both the bully and the kitten, often with comical results, both will calm after the initial scare. Our Sophie aka the cat killer Dachshund and Max the cat are now the greatest of friends although both dispies Dr. Pepper commercials :o)