Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In Bloom

Rhododendron "Fatuosum Flore Pleno"
Planted in 1975, I have kept it pruned in a tree form.
It is stunning with its orchid shaped flower's and currently stands at about nine feet.

Mollis Azalea "Pink and Sweet", lives up to its name. The fragrance will knock you over.

And for you folks that want a fragrance free plant, Exbury Azalea


  1. Jamie and I really want to increas our azaleas. You have some real beauties. I think that's something we'll work on this fall.-- Randy

  2. And so easy to care for, the majority of the thirty+ that I have in the gardens were started many years ago as cuttings. My wife threatened to stop going anywhere with me because I was always handing her a cutting to stuff into her purse.