Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gunnera Manicata, this shot was taken last summer. I am very proud of this plant and the fact that I have been able to get this beauty to survive for the last three years. Every winter after it dies down to the ground I wonder if it will return in the spring. As of this posting it is a withered pile of debris just waiting for Spring to work its magic. I have had two others that did not make it through the year, either losing them to winter cold or summer heat. This one however seems to thrive. When I brought it home I first dug a hole two times the depth of the root ball and at the bottom of the whole I laid a sheet of pond liner in a bowl shape and then punched two smallish holes in the fabric. Then I filled in with enough soil to bring the plant to the desired height and finished planting it. After that I let water run slowly until the ground was a pool of water. The fabric at the bottom seemed to work well allowing the water to drain but kept enough moisture bellow the root ball.....Success!
Also I should mention it gets full afternoon sun. It is hugging the Keet's aviary, I am hoping that some day it will dwarf the aviary.

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