Monday, February 8, 2010

February 7, 2010

Had a couple of hours to myself Sunday so did a little garden work. It was beautiful out overcast but dry so was a perfect day to transplant the roses that I had mixed into a perennial bed in the back yard, I moved them out to the front yard were I have all my other roses. Then I decided to dig the veggie garden and I mixed in a generous amount of perlite into the garden and dug that in real well to help loosen the soil, I am bound and determined to get some sizable carrots this year and was told they do better in loose soil. Closer to planting time I will add the contents of my two compost bins and the worm farm as well.
In the greenhouse I had a potted gift chrysanthemum that wasn't looking too good so I made cuttings and planted them into peat pots. The larger pots are the remains of my Dahlia tubers, the rest all turned to mush after the early snow that surprised us Oregon gardeners, so I thought I would see if these start to grow and then when time permits I will transfer to the garden. The bottom picture shows the two new Blue berries I planted called "Pink Lemonade". I was told they are very sweet tasting and are bright pink. The center plant is a climbing rose.

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