Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010

Last week after the care center sent GPa J. to Providence Hospital we went over to see him, he was completely Manic and laid there repeating "one" over and over until we just couldn't take it anymore. As we got ready to leave the nurse gave Mema a paper sack with the soiled cloths that he wore over and asked if she could wash them for when and if he goes back to the care center. Saturday while I was getting us some coffee and breakfast ready for the two of us I heard her say "oh no not my new dryer". I went down to the laundry to see what the problem was and found her sitting in front of the dryer crying. Evidently GPa J. loaded a bunch of crayons in his pockets before leaving the care center. They are now all melted and covering the wall of the dryer drum not to mention all over the pants and other clothes that were in the dryer.
Yesterday we went out and purchased some "Soft Scrub" and with some elbow grease it seems to take it off pretty well, it is just going to take some time to remove it all.
We stopped at the kids house to visit them and the "Little Terrorist #1" and see the pretty new pink cast she got on her leg after she fell at Day Care and broke her leg. That happened on the same day that GPa J. was taken to the Hospital. We ate lunch with them and then headed to Providence to check on GPa J. He is now unable to feed himself but at least he is not ranting anymore and seems pretty calm. I fed him his lunch for about an hour before we had to leave. We returned to Menagerie Manor and made Taco's for supper because N and G came over bringing Little Terrorist #2 with. They stayed long enough for supper and bath for the Terrorist. After they left I made Mema and I a couple of drinks and we retired to the theatre to watch some recording that we never got to see before we were both asleep in our chairs.

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