Monday, February 8, 2010

February Garden Checklist

Roses - Prune about 1/3 toward the end of the month.

Sweet Peas - Plant by Feb. 28th, If too cold then plant first week in March. Dig soil deep and add lime to sweeten soil. Soak seeds for 24 hours before planting.

Fruit Trees - Spray with dormant spray.

Vegetables - Plant peas the first or second week

Ornamental Grasses - First or second week is the time to prune all grasses.

Caryopteris (Blue Beard) - Prune each branch back to a strong bud, about 6 to 8 inches. If winter killed to ground remove dead stalks in early spring. These plants bloom on new growth.

Orchids - Liquid iron on all orchids.

Fushia - Cut the plants back to about an inch from the rim of the pots and repot with commercial potting mix. Add a spoonful of super phosphate or bonemeal in the bottom of the pot where the roots won't touch.

Pond - Water change.

Rhodies - Fertilize the last week of the month with Rhoda-Bloom (before the buds swell).

Wisteria - The best time to prune wisteria is during the winter dormant season months of February and March. They should be pruned back to about 6 leaf buds from where the growth started the previous year. Thin out crisscrossing vines and they will flower better. If new growth gets too robust, simply pinch it back as it develops.

Bee's - This is time to puchase Mason Bee's keep in fridge until end of March or untill trees start to open flowers.

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