Thursday, September 24, 2020


 With the news of upcoming heavy rain my first concern of the day was to clean all of the rain gutters, they are full of debris from our giant redwood. MeMe came out and joined me when I got to the second story gutters, she insisted on holding the ladder. Next door the “Crazy Cat Lady hissed a loud ,“What are you doing?” that caused me to grab the ladder and give a shudder of fear. MeMa talked to her while holding the ladder, I on the other hand finished the job and carefully got down to solid ground. The next thing I found out was “we” have volunteered to clean C.C.L.’s gutters as well......hisssss!                                            

Hibiscus bloom lasted two days.

I am trying to get some of the big jobs done and mostly outdoors jobs completed before this Monday when MeMa has her surgery to remove the cancer. I don't want anything left undone that will take me away from her side as she makes her recovery in hospital and at home. They estimate around six weeks of recovery and then three more rounds of chemotherapy to follow. She has a very good attitude towards everything coming and has endless energy that makes me tired.

The neighbor said she will come over and take care of the greenhouse which is one duty that won't survive uncared for.

During surgery which will last four hours I will have to wait in the car, thank you Covid. Her Doctor will call my cell phone as soon as she is in recovery. Our eldest son Nathan will be with me keeping close watch on the mental state of this old gardener.

Lucky for this old gardener the rain will take care of most of the watering.

The "Yuma Garden" will have been moved back into its winter quarters in the greenhouse.

Once MeMa is in her hospital room I will be allowed to spend day and night with her if that is what she wants. But I have heard her worrying about our sweet Roxy having to sleep alone for the first time so that whole situation is still a debate.


  1. Nothing but the best good wishes to MeMa. And to you and to Roxy.

  2. I hope your rain is not too heavy but just enough to do good. There is always so much to think of isn't there like your Roxy having to sleep on her own. I hope the C.C.L.'s gutters were not too high and were cleaned without incident.

    Thinking of you both.

    1. It's a real worry for us both. Roxy will not let MeMa out of her sight.

  3. I read an article about the spouse bringing the family dog into the hospital room daily. The patient improved much quicker, I dont imagine with Covid they would let Roxy come see MeMa.