Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Vivian And The Third Generation

Brooklyn asked if he could take his cousins for a spin. "Don't worry Poppi, I will treat Vivian gently".

I have posted several times about Vivian our beloved Volvo. I told MeMa, pregnant with our first born and a non driver that I would buy her any car if she would get her license. I was about to start my new career which would leave her home alone with a newborn. She said she already "picked her out". Enter Vivian. She made so many trips to the family cabin that she could probably make on her own. She made every soccer and little league practice and games for both of our sons, family holidays, fishing trips. You name it she has hauled it. Since my retirement she has become my transportation, so the bond has strengthened between us. 

Brooklyn was quite surprised when I handed him the key and said, "Keep her under forty." Turning away, I then told him, "Someday I might even open the garage door." That look on his face is priceless.


  1. I have just caught up on your recent posts and hope you both enjoy a long retirement together. Love the story of Vivian.

  2. Ha. Better hide the keys at night when Brooklyn comes to visit. Yes, I did. I have taken my big little grandkids out in the field and let them drive around with me in the seat next to them. I remember my dad letting me drive his Corvair around with him, that is until I drove up the driveway and kept going through the garage door. I ran in the house and hid under the bed. It looks like a pretty car.

  3. I've kept looking your blog to see how things were - nada! But now in August a great catch-up, how nice! Wishing you both many happy years of retirement ahead. There has been some good cake eating going on in your house as there has in ours! We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in July and on August 1st became grandparents for the very first time. Better late than never! I've blogged the events on my Miss Cellany site. Aint life wonderful!