Monday, August 21, 2017

In 1979 we had a total eclipse but it never made the press like this one. Oregon they say has been invaded by a million more people who will add to the gridlocked roads. No this old gardener and his lot will not be party to that nonsense. We will be watching it all from the safety of our front porch. Our five beautiful grandchildren came to join us Sunday night for food and fun. They will stay the night and we shall all wake in the morning, dawn our goofy glasses and return to the porch to be a part of history.

Don't know what sort of card game the three eldest had going on the other side of the porch but it involved lots of giggling.  

The two youngest were content to chat it up with MeMa and Poppi 

MeMa feeling a bit tired but looking beautiful in the evening light.

We had a bit of a panic when our Sophie disappeared. She is totally deaf so calling for her is useless. We had earlier made up an air bed in the guest room with mountains of soft blankets. Look who thought this was just for her.

In the morning while the grandchildren slept MeMa and I had a few moments to sit on the porch by ourselves and have a morning cup of coffee.

Our driveway lined up perfectly with the eclipse event, so it was not long before neighbors started arriving with their chairs.

If you want to see great photos of the eclipse don't look here.
Everyone wore their eclipse protective glasses 

The whole event turned out to be quite fun and the unexpected crowd made it even more fun.

MeMa and Poppi and our beautiful grandchildren sporting their official eclipse approved glasses


  1. Making memories Doc, and with the family. What can be better than that?

  2. Certainly looked good on the T V here.

  3. I think the block party surpassed the eclipse.

  4. You all did it the right way! We stayed inside (Central Louisiana) and watched it all on TV. The guy on Fox News was quite the... weirdo, getting overly excited for each of the spots they had picked to televise from.

    We were in Alaska in 1979. I remember the 'poor man's' eclipse viewers made out of cardboard and tin foil, or some such.

    Glad you all had such a great, safe time! God bless!

  5. Great looking family! Great photos! :)

  6. What a happy collection of photos and good memories captured. I like the last one best.