Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winter Is Back

My last post found the sun shining and the ground cool but easily worked with my spade while I worked on the new landscape.  Miss Betty rolling out to greet this old gardener and give her approval on the new handicapped dog pathways.
But just to prove her point that Mother Nature can be very unpredictable and ever changing, Oregon got slapped in the face with a taste of winter weather.
When I opened the garage door I was greeted with three to four inches of white fluffy snow.  I remember Postman Bill telling me once in earnest that he wished people would not shovel their walkways as it was much easier to keep your footing in snow then it is on a slippery shoveled frozen walkway.  But like every year that we get some snow the first thing I did was shovel the walks.....sorry Postman Bill.
The ancient bird bath in the rose garden never held water very well but it does a bang up job holding snow.
The birds have learned that they always have a supply of drinking water at the koi pond.  Our big family of koi are deep in hibernation so no feeding necessary.  My only worry is that the air hole never freezes as that could be dangerous to our lovely koi becauss gasses would build under the ice that kill fish in a hurry.

The foot bridge over the pond has become a hazard and each year that we get a snow fall I think that I should install some sort of hand rail on either side of the bridge.
Two of the many feeders.  It seems I just get them filled and they are empty again.  It is so important to fill your feeders all year long and not just in the winter as the birds become dependant on us just as a pet bird in a cage.
It is amazing how quiet the garden is in the snow, pathways disappear under winters blanket. The greenhouse is closed up tight.
The Gargoyle sits quietly in the secret garden knowing that this to shall pass and once again the sun will come and flowers will bloom.  In the meantime we are expecting another five to seven inches.


  1. Five to seven, really! I hope it's as light and fluffy as this seems. It looks like Ivory Flakes. Remember those. Mom used that for laundry.

  2. Is it possible to fence off the bridge to keep people and animals off when unsafe?
    I feel for you. Be safe and stay warm!

  3. To me sitting here on a muggy 26 degrees celsius day it looks like a winter wonderland.

  4. Nothing but bloody rain here; I'm 'almost' envious (but not really).