Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Well Done....Carry On

I guess there is no going back now, after two days of stripping sod from the central garden, two loads of crushed gravel in my spiffy newish trailer......

The new trailer is heavy steel construction with a water tight top that is easy to remove.
......tamped down with my spiffy new tamping tool......

Miss Betty did a walk about on the new pathways, first one direction then the other, turned and wheeled herself back toward the house. I called to her and she politely turned and gave me a pleased look as if to say "well done .... carry on" and disappeared back into the house.

The look was all I needed


  1. I bet your spiffy trailer is a tad bashed now. I'm sure Miss Betty will have a wonderful time on your lovely new paths.

  2. Wonderful! I had to chuckle at Miss Betty. It's good she approved.
    I think it looks great, Doc. Congratulations!

  3. Big hug to Miss Betty; lovely gal.