Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Landscaping For Dog's

Having a bit of sunshine this week and when the sun is hard to find for all the clouds we still seem to remain rain free. MeMa and I went to the Home and Garden show where she was quite taken by a large circular stone patio display. I am currently working on a new design for the central garden that overlooks the pond. MeMa asked if we couldn't fit in another patio away from the house that one could enjoy a nice outdoor fireplace, so dutifully I worked a circular blob into the my design. I was not keen on having another brick patio as is the first one I installed, Oregon is just too wet for brick and it turns dangerously slippery most of the time. So after talking to the nice young couple about their stone work I signed a contract with them to come and install (soon I hope) a ten foot "Umpqua paver circle". The pavers fit so tightly together that when I pressure wash in the spring there will be no mortar flying about as with the brick patio. This patio will be for enjoying sun as the old brick one is completely in the shade of our large wisteria. So it will be nice to have options as far as sitting areas as well. I plan on purchasing one of those large circular fire pits to go in the center so we can enjoy an occasional evening fire.

 I am currently digging up shrubs and clearing the garden of all the sod and installing crushed rock pathways that are lined on both sides with brick. No more pesky lawns to maintain for this gardener. When I lived in England I was employed at the Ardley Kennels and the owner once told me "one either has a beautiful lawn or one has dogs, but never the two shall be". I have gotten quite tired of trying to prove her wrong......we have dogs!


  1. My lawn went as that is where my veg patch is, an outdoor fireplace sounds a wonderful idea.

  2. Amazing what a Home and Garden show can do to you! It will be lovely.

  3. Haha. Great saying.
    It is going to look amazing, I am sure. Enjoy!

  4. I would like to change that quote to 'One either has a beautiful lawn, or one has Moles'. Our two dogs make little impact on the lawns; the Moles make an unbelievable bloody mess.

    That stone circle will be fabulous; almost Roman.