Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Popeye Takes A Seat

As parents and now as Grandparents we look forward to the little changes that life grants us on this busy road of life.  The Little Terrorists are growing and maturing at a normal rate and we accept these changes happily most of the time.  Some changes we look very forward to if not rush into them.  One of the changes that couldn't happen soon enough was the car seat, that great cumbersome pain in the a--  car seat.  It is a nightmare to install in whatever car we needed at the moment and with three cars it seems we are constantly switching the damn things back and forth.  Little Terrorist's numbers 1 and 2 have grown to the point that they could have a simple booster seat, so we will be taking that big cumbersome seat out and toss it into storage for #3 when she grows out of the infant seat. I was really looking forward to this big change until last Sunday we had to take Popeye in to be fitted with a new harness.

Guess we will be leaving the big cumbersome car seat for a while


  1. Ours are put into the boot (it's an estate car). They then immediately jump into the back seats. Then, as soon as I think all is OK, they jump into the front. At 42 and 30kgs this is not ideal, but even so if I tried strapping them into a car seat, their expressions wouldn't be quite the same as Popeye's!

  2. Haha.
    I love Popeye's look. He obviously considers it an appropriate seat for him.
    God bless! ♥