Friday, September 14, 2012

A Pickle For A Nickle

Twenty-two quarts of MeMa's Spicy Dill's
In years past MeMa has "put up" the most delicious dill and sweet pickles, then last year she decided to make spicy dills.  They were such a great hit with the family that we soon ran out.  We have been canning like crazy with the bumper crop of veggies out of the garden. We have eaten the sweetest sweet corn, a crop I have left out of the garden here at Menagerie Manor because it takes so much space.  Until this year it was never "Knee high by the 4th of July" as the saying goes.  However this year MeMa asked and I delivered.

There were several that wouldn't have won any ribbons but the good ones were delicious, so next year I will plant corn again.
Note to self....just because one has 14 extra tomato seedlings after the big spring giveaway, one should not plant them all in the garden.

With so many plants I pick this many twice a day

  Once you get started canning the bug hits so you start canning everything you can.

18 pints of pickled beets
Patty Pan Squash
No we didn't can cucumber's but this years crop is so abundant that every meal has some sort of the vegetable as a side dish. So even with the late start to the growing season the creation of the new vegetable garden was worth the effort.
Personally I think it was the great scarecrow I had guarding the crops.  I think he needs a name, what do you suggest?

Liberty/Emla Apple
I smell an apple pie in future.


  1. I've had to abandon my tomatoes. They have simply overwhelmed me. I've done all the preserves I need, we eat them every lunchtime, and I've desperately tried giving them away. They'll have to come out!

  2. Everything looks great, Doc!

    How about Satisfied Sam for your scarecrow? Haha!

    Have a blessed Sunday!

    1. pickles always remind me of little penises (peni?)
      in a jar!

  3. Hi Doc
    lol....Maybe 'he' should be called Dolly, judging by the profile.