Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall And Soccer

September and October are hellish months in the gardens with so much to harvest and the fall clean-up getting things ready for the winter months.  We have spent the last two weekends up at the family cabin replacing rain gutters, oiling the decks, oh and there was the little mishap of me stepping down on the back steps and having them crumble under foot.  So we will have to return to replace those and when we do we are leaving my utility trailer for the next big job of clearing all the years of detritus from the forest floor, pruning all the dead branches from the many trees that canopy the property.
However one can not work all the time and with the advent of the "Little Terrorists" in our life  Taeya, "Little Terrorist #1" resplendent in non other than pink shin guards, pink shorts, red "should be pink" team shirt hit the field with the most gorgeous smile that never left her sweet face.

At five years of age they play three on three, changing out the players every few minutes.  I had strict directions to keep the camera ready for all the goals she was going to make.

Taeya getting some line time next to Ian.

Things were looking grim for the Pyramid Dragons.   Concentration on the game was almost non-existent as the collapsible goals became targets of abuse.

Non team members tried to steal the ball
Muscle had to be called in and drag players from the field while coach Ian tried to deal with drama on the side lines

The fans were getting rowdy calling for the coach to send in Taeya
(Little Terrorist #3 Lucy and daughter-in-law Jill)
Finally the crowd erupted in cheers as a flash of pink and red whipped out on the field.
This one tiny pink player turned the tide
After her first goal the head sports writer (great grandpa Tom) was busily broadcasting the news on his I-Phone
The crowds approval was obvious....... Taeya made yet another goal
Coach Ian had nothing but admiration for a game well played

And the happy crowd (Lucy, Little Terrorist #3 and MeMa) rose to cheer the team.

Game over the fans began to leave the field hand in hand.  My lovely parents with over sixty years of marriage still young and in love.


  1. Great post, wonderful pictures!
    Glad (hope?) you weren't hurt on the steps. My husband broke his wrist many years ago when steps crumbled under him and he fell.

    Hope you all have a wonderful week, Doc!

  2. One of my teaching jobs entailed refereeing football. I've never played football, and don't really know the rules, so before we began my first instruction was always 'TODAY WE'RE GOING TO IGNORE THE OFF-SIDE RULE'. I wouldn't have known what it was anyway!

  3. controlling a group of small kids.... my kind of hell... the stress must be dreadful!
    as for the weather in the vegetable beds.. its raining so hard today, I need webbed feet


    1. John,
      Don't know where my son got his patience but he is magic with those kids. Sorry about that rainy weather we are still dragging hoses but the nights are getting very cold, have had to turn the heat back on in the orchid house.