Friday, August 24, 2012


Chinese Bellflower, Flowering Maple are several names for this species of flowering plant.  It is the Abutilon "Red Tiger" and it bloomed for the first time last week.  I purchased the plant at the Home and Garden show last year, it was such a scrawny looking little six inch plant at the time but now stands about six feet.  If there ever was a flower to catch ones eye this is it.  Last Saturday MeMa and I hosted a garden party and dinner for about 24 of my office staff and their spouses and this little jewel was the subject of many conversations.  It is hardy to about zone eight so I winter it in the greenhouse.  If it ever stops blooming I have plans of cutting it back in order to make it stronger and more compact.  It currently only has two six foot stocks and they have to be supported.


  1. What an unusual and gorgeous flower!

  2. I have the most common variety with a flower that is red and strawberry like. I believe it is also known as 'the strawberry vine'. Mine was struck down by frost last winter, but is making a good come-back. When in a good state, it flowers all year long... wonderful!