Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Does a Gardener Do When Tired of The Rain?

.........Well he packs his bags and with the lovely MeMa, the "Little Terrorists" and eldest son Nathan in tow they all go to Disneyland.  I love Oregon, it is the perfect environment for persons with potting soil in their pockets.  But even a devout gardener gets a little tired of constant rain, so off we flew.  MeMa made all the reservations and did all the planning including having our dear friend Andrea move into the Manor to see that our little zoo was taken care of properly.
First stop after our flight was the pool. I highly recommend the Candy Cane Inn which was a two block walk to the front gates of Disneyland.

MeMa had the brilliant idea of purchasing inexpensive umbrella strollers that we could just leave behind on our return to Portland.  She was bound and determined not to hear "I'm tired" from the "Little Terrorists".

It really is the happiest place on earth, and we went from one ride....... the next

and if MeMa or I saw anyone looking bored........
....we simply loaded them on another ride

Taeya's high point was being asked to chaperone Minnie Mouse clear across the park back to the dressing rooms, She was glowing as they walked hand in hand.

MeMa and Taeya spent one afternoon having "Lunch with the Princesses"

While Poppi, Nathan and Brooklyn did cool guy stuff

But then it was back to one ride after the other

After five days and nights our son asked if we would mind  taking the "Little Terrorist" to the park on our own and he stay behind. We didn't give him a moment to change his mind and out the door we went.

Being hard core Disney fans MeMa and I like to stay until the park closes
 to say goodnight to Walt and Mickey

and goodnight to the Little Terrorists


  1. wow, and a good time was had by all! what a fantastic way to take a break from the rain! maybe you'd like to send some of that wetness over here to west central Florida ;-)

    1. Theanne,
      Yes it was so nice to have sunshine even for six days, if I could send the rain I would.

  2. How wonderful! What a splendid trip. :o)

  3. What a lovelt time spent with those cute children,you made some great memories for them.