Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Good Day In The Garden

With the promise of several days of summer like weather I had plans of spending the entire weeks end in the garden.  Well Saturday turned out to be just another dreary Oregon day of cold and damp so MeMa and I jumped in the car early and spent the day indulging ourselves by going to the Goodwill Bins and looking for treasures that we probably didn't need but bought anyway.  However Sunday was gorgeous weather so I put my gardening clothes on.  MeMa loves Zinnias for bouquets so I had planted a tray of the giant variety called State Fair.  The seedlings needed to be pricked out and planted into four inch pots so that was the first chore accomplished.
120 Zinnias, next move will be to the garden
A tray of petite yellow marigolds for the Mickey Garden. Mickeys head takes about 40 plants all together. So I will pot the remainder into four inch pots to use as replacements if needed.
This is a tray of Roma Tomato's that I started earlier, these are my extras that will go into neighbors gardens as I have planted two in mine.

And I have 27 Beefsteak Tomato's and 21 Better Boy Tomato's of which I will keep a couple for my garden and the rest will be distributed to the neighbors as well.

In 2011 I posted about one of our favorite Koi fish "Kokie" that was being treated for Kidney disease, she unfortunately did not make it and passed early this spring.  I have been updating the filtering system and enlarging it as well, it is well hidden behind this lush bed of Acanthus mollis.

Wisteria sinensis "Cooks Special" in full bloom

I planted this Tree Peonia  " Paonia lutea ludlowii" in February of 2003 and it has always done very poorly for me, never flowered.  Last year I dug it out and fully intended to toss it in the debris pile but at the last minute I dug a hole on the back fence line and unceremoniously tossed the root mass into the hole and left it.  Well I guess it took notice of my impatience and grew gangbusters and is covered in bright yellow flowers.
The first rose to bloom is the diminutive "Cecil Brunner"
One of MeMas favorites "Lilly of the Valley"
These green and white tulips look rather good in the viola bed
Just outside the chicken yard is this delightful white cranesbill
The idea of the "Yuma garden" was to hide the ugly white pipe. This side of the house is extremely hot

And fresh from the greenhouse

Epicactus "Padre"

Orchid #37 - This odontoglossum stays in bloom for about 45 days
African Violet "Pinwheel"


  1. Everything looks amazing, Doc! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. ♥

    1. It's supposed to be 83 on Mother's Day, it should be wonderful. Hope you have a great one as well.

  2. You are really off to a great start! I love zinnias and always forget about planting any. But your flowers remind me to go out and check mine! :-)

  3. I'll be following your lead on the Zinnia seedlings, this is my first year planting them.
    Everything is looking so colorful and 'happy' you must take good care of them all....
    Lovely pictures.

  4. that Tree Peonia is quite a delight
    I want one!

  5. All your plants look so healthy! I love that you grow tomatoes to give away :-)

  6. I'm just stopping by to let you know that I'm thinking about you! I hope you're doing well, (and your garden is too) and you're enjoying the weekend!!

  7. Beautiful things going on in your garden! I love zinnias too. This year I didn't get around to planting any flower seedlings. I had to satisfy my flower love by buying a few starters at the nursery. Can't stay away from Zinnias! Mickey garden? What? Can't wait it see it!!