Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Garden For MeMa

Two weeks ago I was able to start planting the annuals that I started in the greenhouse.  The first order of the day was the little garden that I built for MeMa out by the front of the house were she could see it every time she left or arrived at the house.

I planted 124 yellow Petite Marigolds
She is absolutely the biggest Mickey Mouse fan and has her home office completely stuffed with old and new collectible Mickey items.

The walls are covered in shelves of small items.

Corners are filled with larger items.
Tables are filled with even larger items, such as colour Television.
Not a Minnie Mouse in sight...only Mickey will do.

Two weeks later Mickey is filling in nicely and we are anticipating yellow flowers will be creating quite a bright spot in the front garden.  And I look forward to seeing that lovely smile as MeMa drives up.


  1. what a sweet thing to do...I always enjoy seeing people's collections of things they enjoy! quite a nice collection!

  2. That is so sweet and wonderfully creative!

  3. That is so cute Doc!

  4. That is great, Doc! Made me smile to see it, too.
    What a fantastic collection she has. :o)

  5. What a lovely thing to do !
    I'm sure it brings many smiles to her little face, and NO ?

  6. love the mouse garden.... might make me a chicken version!