Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Finally Comes to Oregon

A nice little harvest for the morning, the raspberries are slowing down just as the blue berries are in abundance.

Wisteria has started its second bloom and a third will usually occur in September

We had a surprise of three new baby budgies in the aviary.
The two in the center are part of the trio, with father scolding an odd male in the back left.

Mother is the bird to the right and the third youngster is sitting on the food dish.

Summer treat that everyone loves....watermelon. The Koi just can't get enough of it and will push and shove in order to get the last morsel
We cut them in rings which just float on the surface.


  1. my gosh, Doc! how fun is your place! Cool photos.

  2. It's good how one fruit seems to take over from another. Do the budgies build nests like other birds?

  3. Thanks Jim have not heard from you in a long time, hope everything is good

  4. Hi Rob,
    Budgies are a lazy lot they totally depend on wooden nest boxes, in the wild they just hollow out an old dead stump but in captivity they like modern facilities :o)

  5. Everything is just lovely, especially your Wisteria--I'm so jealous of those blueberries!!!

  6. Thanks Kim, to bad we don't live closer or I would toss you a big tub full of those blueberries ;o)