Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Road Trip

The only way to get my dear wife to do absolutely nothing so that her broken wrist will heal, is to sit her in the passenger seat while I drive and just keep going.  So with no plans made just a destination in mind(Victoria B.C.), we hit the road.  We chose not to make reservations anywhere so if something struck our fancy we could spend as much time doing whatever we wished.  I wanted to avoid the Seattle traffic so our first stop was lunch at the Historic Quinault Lodge.  We used to spend a few days here every year for our anniversary, but lunch on the deck was a very nice way to spend a couple of hours before getting back into the car.

Lake Quinault Lodge built in 1926 is surrounded by the Olympic National Forest

We drove a few more hours along the coast before calling it a day.  We stopped in a small town called Moclips at a nice little Motel that overlooked the beach and had a wonderful sunset.

Sunset from our deck

The next morning we decided to just cruise through the Quinault Reservation Land stopping to see what ever looked interesting.  We discovered a small fish hatchery that was open to the public.
Employee feeding the young salmon

MeMa sporting a purple cast checking out the egg trays

Spawning tanks

We made it into Port Angeles that evening and stayed at the Red Lion because it was along the water front. The extra cost for a water front room was worth it.  So while MeMa watched one of her favorite shows I put my feet up poured a nice glass of my single malt scotch and read my latest edition of Orchid Digest that I saved just for the trip.

Except for the few bikes and walkers going by it was a great way to end the day. Tomorrow I will post more of our trip to B.C.


  1. It all looks great, I'm enjoying being a fellow passenger!

  2. Hope MeMa is doing better now. Looks like a beautiful trip so far. :)

  3. Thanks Rosemary, I tried to post a comment on your last post but it would not work. I loved your white flowers and just wanted to say how worried we are about the goings on there. Hope all will be good soon.

  4. Hi Linda, Yes she is doing better I just wish she would slow down a bit ;o/

  5. What fun! I love a road trip!I hope MeMa gets to feeling better on your healing adventure!

  6. Hi Doc, that sounds like my kind of holiday. I notice in the background of the last picture there is a pier with a tower on it, do you know what the tower is for?

  7. Melodie,
    Thanks yes I hope so, I think just getting away from daily tasks will help.

  8. Rob,
    The tower is there for boarding larger yachts or ships.