Thursday, August 11, 2011

Road Trip ........ Continued

After a relaxing night in Port Angeles we were up early and headed straight over to the ferry terminal to inquire about departures.  We hit it just right for the nine o'clock ferry to Victoria, that is for first come first serve without a reservation.  We parked the car in line and then walked back into town for a nice breakfast.  It is quite amazing how quickly and orderly they load the ferry with all those cars and trucks, you would think the damn thing would not be able to stay afloat. On arriving in Victoria we discovered that we did not apply for an international package with MeMa's I-Phone so were unable to quickly find the best accomodations without reservations.  So I suggested we drive out to the Old English Inn, which is were we spent our honeymoon 37 years ago.  Our fond memories of a very quaint little inn were dashed upon our arrival.  It is now called the Old English Resort and Ann Hathaway's Cottage which was a separate tourist attraction is part of the complex and is used only as a conference center.  The once beautiful thatched roof is falling off and the gardens are run down.  The rooms that made up the original part of the Inn are now all empty and many of the windows are boarded up. We inquired and were given the last available room at $200 a night, but it was a lovely suite in one of the resorts new buildings called the Verona. We had our own private garden entrance which was very nice.

The Verona
 Whilst we were lounging around the television happened to be on and there was a story about a family run business called The Meadery. It is a third generation family business making mead "the old fashioned way". They have miles of bee hives and though the hives are closed to the public one can just look across the field and see thousands of busy bees flying around.

A small portion of the many hives

Bee design in the pavement before entering the tasting room.

We sampled several of their fine mead's and a very nice honey wine that has won several prestigious awards, and the one that we purchased to bring home with us.
A trip to Victoria would not be complete without a visit to Butchart Garden so on the day of our departure we set aside a few hours to stroll through and have lunch in the conservatory / restaurant.
Conservatory garden
The one garden that has never been open to the public is surrounded by the huge rose garden.
My little sweet pea
The sunken garden
In 1909, when the limestone quarry was exhausted, Jennie Butchart set about turning it into the Sunken Garden, which was completed in 1921.

Our good-bye shot just before heading off to the ferry

During our stay in Victoria we purchased a scrumptious sack of lychee fruit at a China Town vendor. We tried our best to eat all the fruit before arriving at the U.S. customs. There were only six left and I had my fill of them when we pulled off at the side of the road, I told MeMa to toss the rest but she thought she might be able to eat them while we waited our turn at the gates. When the nice young lady officer asked us to declare any fruit or veggies MeMa just held up the last remaining lychees and asked if she would be so kind as to deposit them in the trash for us that we were quite through with them. The next thing we knew we had an orange sticker on our car and directed to the inspection station. We were asked to vacate the vehicle, fill out a long form and answer some questions while our vehicle was searched.  When we finished and were granted permission to enter the state line MeMa turned and said to me "I guess next time we lie".  To which I replied "It's a good thing they didn't find those primrose starts in the bag under the seat".  And with that the dynamic pair of senior rebels in their Volkswagen Beetle headed off seeking new adventures.
Our last night on the road we stayed at a wonderful Casino north of Seattle, wined and dined in a luxurious room.......

........on the eighth floor because this rebel does not do well with height. The shower was to die for with three heads, I really must have one of those at Menagerie Manor.
It was so nice I immediately had one and then another in the morning.....hey, cleanliness is next to Godliness.
Tulalip Casino Fountain


  1. There are lots of interesting things to see on your trip, those gardens look amazing. One of the lessons I remember the most from school was that it doesn't always pay to be honest!

  2. You rebels make me smile. So glad you've had a lovely time.