Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring is a bit slow on the go

This was the Star Magnolia February 28th in 2010

Here it is March 9th and the sleepy buds are just beginning to crack open

Even the Daphne odora is closed when it is normally a riot of both colour and fragrance

At least the Hellebore is blooming although heavy headed in the constant rain

The forecast is more rain but at least the temperature has gone up into the 50's

Our old Koi are just beginning to come out of their winter slumber

I drained off about two thousand gallons in order to allow me to clean out the winter debris. This lowers the risk of bacteria infection and helps bring the Koi out of their winter slumber, the wire basket protects one of the water lilies which have all been removed for re-potting and the slow process of refilling the pond.


  1. What a lovely pond. :)
    Spring will be here soon, I think!
    Hope you are all well, Doc. ♥

  2. I feel like a regular turncoat here in Florida while the area I have lived in off and on over the years (in Virginia) has been hard hit since early in the winter season. So many are wanting spring to come...I have faith it will soon!

  3. It's interesting to compare the plant pictures from previous years.