Wednesday, April 6, 2022


 Spring brings a feeling of renewal. I admit that losing my wife at the start of winter and Holiday season made it very difficult to stay positive and depression became a real battle for me, especially the evenings. To replace conversations with my wife I would turn the radio on and have music playing just to have the noise, the quiet was killing me. Recently my physician filed the documents declaring Roxy my emotional support dog which allows me to take her with me almost everywhere and she fly's for free when I take a flight. My last trip to Arizona in February cost me one hundred dollars trip to take Roxy with me. Roxy is no stranger to air travel from her days of being a show dog. She traveled in a soft crate which sat at my feet, she slept the entire trip. Roxy fits her new status well, if I am struggling and tears begin to fall Roxy is at my side immediately licking the tears away until she has me laughing and she will not leave my side until she feels dad is back in a good place. 

With the coming of spring life in the gardens here at Menagerie Manor is bustling, getting the gardens back in shape. July we will have a Celebration of Life for Marjie. I chose to have it then as we will have all her lovely flowers in bloom. She loved her flowers and filled all thirteen rooms with fresh flowers. On the fireplace mantel I keep her photo and keep a vase of fresh flowers next to it.  The greenhouse is filled with flats of zinnias and many other annuals. Today the seedlings are at the stage for pricking out and putting them into individual pots before I plant them out. What used to be the kitchen garden will be planted in zinnias and dahlias. 

We have been having some strong winds so the pathways are covered in debris from the old Redwood tree. I had just spent a day cleaning the pathways before the wind so I shall be spending another day doing what I had already done. 

But spring in the gardens brings such beauty that if I have to do a job that had already been done seems to take the sting out of the job. 

Every week I have purchased six large bags of potting mix in order to prepare and plant trays of seeds.

I moved the wall of the kitchen garden in a bit in order to give me a wider path between it and the new garden shed. The kitchen garden this year will be planted in more flowers. 

                                                                      Spring brings hope


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  2. It will be so hard for you. Glad you can now take Roxy with you on flights. Your garden is always lovely. Take care.

  3. Your way of dealing with the loss of your beloved wife is inspiring. Indeed, spring always brings with it new hope. I wish you only good days.

  4. Good to hear from you, Doc.
    Wind and your pathways makes me think of washing the car only to have it rain.
    God bless you and Roxy, Doc.

  5. My biggest smile in the midst of all your flower beauty is Roxy is an emotional support dog. I know some, and am so happy for you to have a live companion with you.