Monday, April 20, 2020

Enjoying The Little Things

We have been having a long run of beautiful weather, so it didn't surprise me when the forecast is for rain and a decent amountof it. Everything is blooming early and the colors seem more intense. The oldest tree here at  Menagerie Manor is this pink Dogwood "Indian Chief".  I have no idea when it was planted but it was here when we purchased. The Manor is 104 years old, my guess it is between 80 and 90 and I have carefully pruned it so as to rejuvenate it over the years. This years color is so intense that the pink is more like salmon.
 The Lily of the Valley makes me think of fresh clean linen, crisp spring air and mountain fresh water.

 Viburnum tomentossum didn't bloom last year but it certainly made up for it this year with loads of snowy white blooms.

 I love this little sun loving jewel. .......................
 When the sun hits it, the color seems to pulsate. I have another of the same plant growing on a wall in rich good soil that has yet to bloom. This specimen has been in the same pot of soil for six years. It looks better every year.

 Menagerie Manor has always been a haven for creatures. This year we have been watching carefully as one of our resident hummingbirds built a very sturdy little nest and little is the operative word as it is only a little bigger than a golf ball. Usually they nest deep in dense foliage. But this little feathered genius realizes nothing can get to her nest sitting in the protective armor of our Monkey Puzzle Tree.
It was another busy day here at Menagerie Manor, we feel blessed that we are keeping well and our family are strong and healthy. Roxy says, "Stay home and stay well".


  1. Lily of the Valley - how wonderful - I cam almost smell it.

  2. Such colorful and healthy blooms, I too think the colors are more vibrant this year.
    Sweet Roxy, you keep everyone in line there at the Manor !
    Stay well dear friend,

  3. Lily of the Valley has been my signature plant whenever I could plant it. And that dogwood is beyond description.

  4. Wow. Hummingbird nest. That's amazing. :-)

    The whole backyard along the alley fence of my grandmother's house was Lily of the Valley, Forsythia, and Lilacs. I loved visiting when they were blooming.

    Your flowers are all lovely as usual, Doc. And Roxy looks quite happy.
    Be safe and God bless you all.

  5. I like the alpine container, do you know the name of the plant? It looks like Roxy has found a nice place to relax after a hard day in the garden.

    1. Hi Rob, that plant is Delosperma cooperi, commonly called ice plant, it is native to South Africa but is doing quite nice here in our climate.