Thursday, March 28, 2019

Their Happy Place

A while back MeMa and I took over ownership of the family cabin. My father was having a tough time returning to it after my mother passed, it was their happy place. Back in the early 80's they purchased the trailer and had the cabin built on the side of it. MeMa and I have so many fond memories of family vacations and weekend getaways. Since my mother passed we have been taking care of the cabin making it available to other family members but doing all of the upkeep ourselves. when my father decided he was going to sell the property, we decided we just could not bare to let it go. So after paying the fees, taxes and other expenses the title is now ours and the cabin will remain in the family. December we winterized and locked the doors.
We have been having some wonderful weather this week in Portland, average daytime temperature in the upper 60's. Today it warmed to 69 degrees. Last weekend as members we had to go and vote for different ballot measures that could increase the annual expenses of members of the gated community. This activity took place in a nearby town which is at a lower elevation than the cabin.
The plan for the day was to leave Portland early so that we could drive up to the cabin and check it out and then drive back down off the mountain to the voting station.
The drive was beautiful, Mount St. Helen's was stunning under her blanket of snow. Outside temperature was much to warm for there to be snow on any roadway.

Once we drove through the gate we could see snow in the forest but roads were clear. Unfortunately as we drove deeper into the forest this is what greeted us. I was able to park under a heavy canopy of old trees that prevented snowfall under them, but we had to walk through heavy snow to reach our cabin. Everything was just as we had left it in December.
While we stood on the roadway the sun was out so it shouldn't take long before the snow will melt away. I was relieved to see there was no winter damage to clean up.

Unlike our neighbor to the north of our cabin who had a large tree blow over and rip a portion of their roof off.


  1. What a difference in the first two shots - that snow looks quite deep. Glad your cabin was o.k.

  2. Lovely beyond words. I hope your voting counted out successfully.

  3. So sorry for your neighbor. Are they mostly summer cabins then? No one was hurt, were they?
    Very glad to hear your place is okay.
    Mountain weather is like that. God bless!

  4. Good idea to keep the cabin in the family, it looks so lovely.